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Ashion is a subsidiary brand of Guangzhou Xiangzhaihe decoration materials Co.,Ltd.  the factory is located in Qingyuan, the company focused on research and development, production and sales of indoor home decoration materials. We have the highest efficiency and precision of the highest professional production line, the company's products include: PVC film, window stickers, make-up film, adhesive wallpaper and integration wallboard, our product is popular around the world

Our company always adhere to continuous development and innovation of metope and ceiling decoration materials.

our series of products with "love life, love family" as a product idea, we try our best to create a green, healthy and happy household environment, to lead a new trend for home decoration! Ashion wallbord can be used on metope and ceiling with quick construction, fire prevention, moistureproof, environmental protection, non-toxic and other advantages, market prospects are very broad, can be widely used in commercial area, leisure clubs, home decoration, etc.

"although first met, also fall in love with Ashion" is our corporate vision, to "continuous improvement, let the customer moved" for the purpose of the service, constantly explore the excellent solution of future household adornment, lead human advanced way of life!

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Guangzhou Xiangzhaihe decoration materials Co.,Ltd.
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